Somewhere out in the vineyard tangles of West County, a heavenly bohemian corner in Sonoma, a gentlemen artist with purple hair named Jaz Fabry found a liking to the diverse talents of our studio. He picked up the phone and we answered – taking flight on an adventure leading to the production of an artist brand identity, website, a book of works distributed at Art Basel Miami. All of which culminated into a newfound appreciation for artist Laura Kimpton’s work.

Each part of the site ebbs and flows, hiding and showing the content.

We developed an infinite scroll for the site to express movement and give users some light finger exercise amongst the visual stimuli.

We ran full bleed, cropped images and overlaid staggering letter forms to communicate Laura’s nomadic style. These sections were designed to create a visual queue for what you’re about to see in the following pages.

Laura looks on as one of her sculptures ignites in the cleansing fires of Burning Man. Where most art is shared, experienced and offered to the Man.

Each page alternates from black to white, from left to right – creating a bold and focused layout. This loud, colorful, layered experience was printed as a VIP hand out at Art Basel in Miami, Florida.