Bicycle illutration.


Some of our projects involve a fundamental creative toolbox including illustration, rendering and photography. This element of our process adds character, love and life to our projects.

  • Client: Diverse skillset. Dramatic work.
  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Experimental
  • Illustration
  • Photo Manipulation
Flat illustration of wolf.
Flat illustration of sheep.
Bicycle giant monster illustration.
Helvetica type flat illustration.
Flat brunette girl illustration.
Flat blonde girl illustration.
Flat red head girl illustration.
Mad cyclist photo illustration.
Mexican badge illustration.

Ruff, rugged and raw is how the single track mountain bike trails in Sedona, Arizona ride and the Mescal Trail shirt wears the same way.

Zombie snowboard popcycle illustration.

This Yeti was made as a fun project contribution to Threadless but landed an even better home as the brand mascot for Stay Wild Studios.

Yeti line illustration.
Bird line art.

The Mountain Chickadee can be found singing “Cheez-bur-ger!”everywhere during spring. It’s this calming bird song that reminds you of your place in the heart of the Sierras.

Flat architecture icons.
Truckee cabin flat line illustration.
Flat line building illustration of truckee bakery.
Flat line building illustration of truckee coffee shop.

Some of Truckee’s brick and mortar buildings illustrated in vector form.

Flat line building illustration of reno coffee shop.
Flat line building illustration of barbershop.

Snowboard graphics for dream snowboards.

Dream like puzzle flat illustration on snowboard
Puzzle typography on snowboard.
Treehouse flat illustration on snowboard.

Eagles, Bears, Wolves and Deer, oh my?

Food truck line illustrations, monochromatic.