Cycling and design have gone hand & hand at OLAB for decades. The kit we designed for the H24 team, as produced by Jakroo, is our best one yet. Riding and racing is part of our daily routine, so we hold this project close to our hearts.

Standing-out within the ad-saturated peloton is difficult. To keep the H24 team at the forefront, we deployed an electric color palette inspired by the wild flowers of the high Sierra Nevada.

How do you read sponsor logos from 100 feet away while traveling at 35 miles-per-hour. Keep it simple, white on black. Plus everyone looks like a superhero in black. See evidence below, aka Willie Myers. Photos by Alex Chiu.

A simple black front that looks crisp and sharp from any distance.

The back of the jersey comes to life with color and branding hints to stimulate conversation about various sponsor products.

We also wrapped the team’s VW, as seen below rallying roads in Mammoth, California.