Coffee shop cup photography.

Coffee in full color

One sunny day a long while ago, Greg Buchheister asked us to give him some assistance with the buildout of his brand, Coffeebar. This barista-paradise has since become a community hub to enjoy high-grade cappuccinos with a slice of Italian lifestyle.

  • Client: Coffeebar
  • Illustration
  • Menu Design
  • Print
  • Responsive Website
Truckee coffeeshop large menu.

We tightened Coffeebar’s visual in-store experience and built a responsive website. The graphic treatments enhance the customer’s experience in-the-store and on-the-web.

Colorful coffeeshop drink menu.
Colorful coffeeshop drink menu.
Coffeeshop line illustration.
Truckee coffeeshop logo mark
Coffeeshop line illustration.

We designed small graphic treatments and sprinkled them throughout the menu system and website to convey key sustainable practices and Coffeebar service features.

Coffeeshop website mockup on macbook.

Yep, against the grain with a left hand navigation system. Always mixing it up at OLAB.

Truckee coffeeshop website iphone mockup.

Accessible from your mobile phone most anytime except when your battery dies.

Location, location, location, we draw them just to make sure you know what to look for while en-route.

Reno coffeeshop photography.
Reno coffeeshop photography.