Space line illustration.


2The third annual AIGA TypeWalk is a collaborative event centered on exploring the realm of found typography. The goal is to hunt, spot and take shots of the very best 26 letters of the alphabet represented in various mediums. The most unique photos from the exploration were featured in a commemorative poster.

Our goal for the 2014 AIGA TypeWalk was to rebrand the experience with a slight pivot embracing the Truckee vibe. We produced an event branding kit that served a duel purpose. It created awareness and excitement for the TypeWalk, while introducing some of our own space characters into the mix. Each piece created told a story starring OLAB’s astronaut avatars.

Pin up some buttons & obtain recon level access to Truckee’s historic type scene.

We developed a mobile friendly website to aid in the exploration of Truckee’s historic downtown.

Here’s a peak at the commemorative poster, expressing the diverse letterforms found right in our back yard.